What we do

We fill the learning gaps creatives encounter navigating the business side of a creative career.

With each stage of your career, you need additional information and new skills.  TCA provides the business know-how you need, when you need it.

Learn where to build cornerstone technical integrations into your creative career.

As you level up to the next stage of your career, these key puzzle pieces fit together to make your life easier and save you valuable time.


Uninitiated creatives…

need a generalists knowledge and skill set.

Our solution:
100 level courses cover business fundamentals and lay the foundation for efficiencies and practices that will grow with your career.

Designed for:
a solo creative with minimal budget.


Initiated creatives…

need deep-level skills.

Our solution:
200 level courses expand on the functionality and technical skills we need as our career and audience grows.

Designed for:
a solo creative with limited budget.


Established creatives…

need specialty information.

Our solution:
300 level courses focus on higher-level business operations, including options for and how to delegate business tasks so you have more time to create.

Designed for:
creatives ready to invest in outside resources to maximize their creation time.

Walk away from your courses with:

  • Specific information, including technical know-how, on how to run your creative business.
  • Exercises to address the mindset issues you’re likely to encounter regarding the subject matter.
  • Recommended resources and techniques to build understandable, real-life applicable business practices that can evolve with your career.
  • Practical guides like scripts, checklists, templates & more.

Learn with TCA

On Demand

Choose the subject matter and experience level relevant to your immediate needs.

Online courses available at any time.

In Person

Workshops presented virtually or in person.

Thirty minute to half-day workshops with content tailored to your group’s interests.

Apprenticeship Programs

Group coaching solidifies your support system and expands your business knowledge.

One-on-one coaching dives deep into your career.