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UPCOMING EVENTS – October 2022

FREE Writers Conference, Slay Your Dream Assassins, New On-Demand Class Launching, Group Author Coaching now open for enrollment!

Thursday, November 17th– Sunday, November 20th | TCA is offering sessions as part of Johnson County Library’s FREE hybrid (virtual and in-person) writers conference.  

Join TCA on Saturday, November 18th for two impactful sessions!

11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Sounding Board drop in one-on-one sessions with The Creative’s Apprentice coaches Jessica Conoley & Natasha Hanova.

What’s holding you back from the next step in your story or writing career? Bring your most pressing writing world problem to a sounding board session with coaches Jessica & Natasha.

4 p.m. – 5 p.m. The Most Important Choice of Your Writing Career: Mindset with TCA founder Jessica Conoley

You’re lucky enough to know what your dream is and are living it, so why are so many writers unhappy? It’s not just because we’re in a “hard” industry, it’s because we feel like we don’t have any control. This workshop teaches you to build a healthy creative mindset. We’ll delve into the mental challenges you’ll face in a creative career and how to take your next steps with confidence. Walk away with: a mindset emergency tool kit, career accomplishment log, know-how to build your creativity support triangle, and more.

The 7th Annual Writers Conference will have online offerings via Library OnDemand and in-person sessions at Central Resource Library. The conference will explore art for impact at this year’s conference. What does it mean to put your writing into the world? How does it transform your own story and the story of those you love? Impact is both personal and universal: it can mean individual epiphany or global change. 

Now Enrolling – Slay Your Dream Assassins!

Are you uncomfortable owning your worth as a creative? Do you struggle with imposter syndrome? Do you wonder why anyone would buy your work? Is self-doubt keeping you from leveling up in your craft or creative business? If you answered yes to any of those questions, your Dream Assassins have been holding you back!

Learn to slay your Dream Assassins in TCA’s eight week group class.

  • Weekly group coaching sessions led by a TCA coach.
  • Weekly self-guided on-demand learning.
  • Daily practice at recognizing and slaying your Dream Assassins through an interactive app.
  • A community of fellow slayers committed to growing their creative dreams and mental fitness.

Increase your creativity, productivity, and happiness as you Slay Your Dream Assassins with our TCA Coaches.

Book a discovery call now to learn more and take the first step to slaying your Dream Assassins.

Now enrolling writers for TCA’s Spring 2023 Group Author Coaching class.

Do you want to level up your writing career? Are you looking for a support system of like-minded writers working to better their craft as they advance in their writing journey? Could you benefit from direct mentorship from writers with a history of success in both writing and business? Would you like a mental health tool delivered to you daily to help focus you on your goals and mental health? TCA’s group author coaching is ready to support you!

Our group coaching classes help you create a long-term support system for your writing career as we provide you personalized coaching and education.

Designed for Uninitiated Writers with a finished or work-in-progress manuscript intending to publish. Group coaching includes instruction on mindset clarity, industry education, and building out your critique partner/beta reader network. 

  • Sixteen weekly Zoom sessions with coaches Jessica Conoley & Natasha Hanova
    • 3 mindset weeks
    • 3 business weeks
    • 3 flex classes tailored to your class specifically
    • 3 beta read weeks – Participants & coaches beta read for classmates. Full manuscripts preferred, but not required.
    • 4 critique weeks – Participants & coaches provide editorial feedback. Submit 3-5 pages for edits in each critique session.
  • Access to our full On-Demand Course Catalog
  • Access to all Co-working sessions
  • Upon graduation, access to six-week Positive Intelligence mental fitness course and app

Classes are capped at ten writers.

Sessions begin the first full week of January and August each year. Weekly Zoom sessions are held Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. CST.

Prior to acceptance to the program, our coaches do a one-on-one coaching discovery session with every applicant. Attend a co-working session and/or book a discovery call to meet our coaches and learn more.

$2,222 | $222 deposit to hold your spot in class. 4 monthly payments of $500. (Extended payment plans available upon request.)

What’s class do you think is on the way? The picture above is your hint!
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