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Recommended Reading – Shirzad Chamine: Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence is an immediately impactful, simple, mindset and habit change system.

Every creative I have ever worked with has loads of motivation to get their creativity out into the world, but when they fail to execute delivering the dream project they think something is wrong with them. They say things like they “must not really want it” or are “lazy” or “broken.” This book shows you how to break that non-helpful pattern.

Positive Intelligence helps us identify the negative self talk that keeps us from executing and teaches us how to build a self-command muscle in our brains.

The method has s a proven and profound impact on our coaches and our clients. We’ve integrated it into our Slay Your Dream Assassins class as well as our one-on-one coaching sessions.

If you want to skip the book and experience a breakthrough with Positive Intelligence in real time, book a free one-on-one coaching session with Jessica.

By Jessica Conoley

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