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Slay Your Dream Assassins Launch!

Want to boost your productivity, creativity, and happiness while improving your relationships? TCA has the perfect class for you and we want to gift you a FREE coaching session today!

Slay Your Dream Assassins launches in January and we’re ready to help you make this the best creative year of your life!

In eight weeks, you will:

  • Build long-lasting habits to create permanent change.
  • Expand your support system.
  • Identify mindset dream assassins that prevent inspired action.
  • Move from feeling overwhelmed to a sense of balance and calm.
  • Strengthen your innate abilities to slay your dream assassins.
  • And more!

Take the first step to greater productivity, creativity, and happiness today by booking a FREE breakthrough session with Jessica.

Slay Your Dream Assassins noticeably improved my life within a few weeks. By incorporating mindfulness and recognizing and confronting my Saboteurs I am better able to navigate personal conflicts and conquer professional challenges with calm confidence.

Jessica’s gentle, sincere and supportive coaching created a safe place to explore and grow. The journey continues! Thank you Jessica!”

~Natalie J.

During Slay Your Dream Assassins, my mental fortitude grew ten-fold. I figured out ways to lessen feelings of disaster & learned to handle life’s challenges with a greater sense of ease.

As a teacher who has to deal with the ever-changing and sometimes disturbing goings-on at school, SYDA gave me the tools to live my life fully and roll with the punches life throws at me.

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, or have a sense of discomfort, NOW is the ideal time to take SYDA with Jessica!”

~Shelly W.

The Slay Your Dream Assassins class helped me quiet the voices in my head — the saboteurs who waste my emotional energy with negative self-talk — and find some inner peace. Learning to label and interrupt the negative self-talk was just the first step, but it’s been the most profound for me.

I also loved learning all the ways to increase positive aspects of myself, such as showing empathy for myself and others, and I use these skills in all areas of my life.

Definitely helpful, especially for people with a lot of responsibilities and stress.”

~ Rebecca S.

This course massively changed how I approach stressful situations. It doesn’t make a problem less difficult, but it makes it easier for me to deal with.

I can move on with my day once my stressed-out feelings have served their purpose and not waste my energy on panic or spiraling.”

~ Amanda S.
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