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Launch Announcement: Mindset & Your Creative Career

We’re launching our On-Demand learning series July 9, 2021, with: Mindset & Your Creative Career!

We chose to launch our On-Demand Courses with a mindset class because the decisions you make around mindset are the most important one’s you’ll make in your creative career. How you navigate mindset determines your career’s longevity, your personal success, and overall happiness.

Here’s what our TCA Insiders had to say about the pilot class:

Jessica’s class on Mindset is probably just as important if not more so for success in any creative endeavor than a class on craft. Being discouraged and giving up is probably the biggest obstacle anyone can face, and Jessica gives such amazing practical tips and homework assignments that tackle this directly. She speaks from experience and her sharing makes this genuinely helpful. I can’t wait to start using her ideas immediately to help me in my writing career. Thanks so much Jessica.

~Lisa D.

As a writer, how you approach your mindset is a core skill that must be learned and perpetually managed throughout your career. Jessica does a wonderful job of explaining why and how to do that in this class.

~Deb B.

Jessica is such an amazing resource as someone who loves writing and the business end of being creative. She seems to know just what I need to hear and how to say it. Her class was fun to listen to (she’s such an upbeat person!) but there was so much depth to it that I found myself needing to go back and listen again to get all the notes I wanted.

~Amy M.

We’re so excited to begin working with you, and can’t wait to see where your creative career takes you!

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