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Launch Announcement: Author Websites 101

As an author, it is essential to have a web presence to launch your career, and The Creative’s Apprentice is ready to help you take off with Author Websites 101!

What You’ll Learn in Author Website 101:

  • How to choose your URL.
  • Why your site needs to be responsive and what that means.
  • What a hosting provider does for you.
  • The imperative content pages for this stage of your career.
  • How implementing an RSS feed now will save you exponential amounts of time later and more.

We provide step-by-step how-tos about the content and functionality you need now, so you can easily expand your site when you reach the next level of your career.

What TCA Insiders had to say about this class:

The great thing about this class is the focus on function first. Learning what actually belongs on an author website and why is so much more valuable than how to make it look writerly or trendy.

~Amanda S.

As a writer, how you approach your mindset is a core skill that must be learned and perpetually managed throughout your career. Jessica does a wonderful job of explaining why this class covered website start-up in a logical thorough manner, going into relevant detail along the way. Jessica delivered everything needed to get my web presence off to a good start, sharing her expertise and resource options. Well worth the investment!

~Carol B.

This class was really fun and informative. A great overview for any writer who needs to build a website. I feel a lot more confident about building my site after taking this class.

~Rose R.

We’re excited to begin working with you, and can’t wait to see where your creative career takes you!

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