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Introvert Marketing for Uninitiated* Creatives

Don’t worry about marketing until you know who you are as a creative.

For marketing to be effective it needs to be authentic. It’s impossible to be authentic if you don’t know who you are, and most creatives don’t fully own who they are until they reach the final stages of their Initiated career and approach the level up to Established.

However, if your dream is to make a financial living off of creative work, it is time to start thinking about how you can authentically advocate for your work at each stage of your career.  This blog series will break down what, when, and how to market at each stage of your career—even if you identify as an introvert.

 If you don’t intend to make money off of your work and just want to create for creations sake stop worrying about marketing. Create and share how, if, and when you see fit. The act of creation is still going to change you and the people who are lucky enough to stumble across your work.  

For those beginner creatives already losing sleep over “building your platform” focus on building your support system & portfolio.

1)    Figure out where you like to hang out on the internet. Get comfortable on those platforms now so when it comes time to market your work you already understand the technology aspect.

2)    Make genuine connections with other creatives who’s work you like by commenting, liking, and sharing their work. This is the beginning of creating a strong support triangle. This also feeds into a positive energy loop; by choosing to engage in a supportive manner you attract people who are supportive and likely to advocate for your work in the future.   

3)    Create. Create. Create in your medium. Spend the bulk of your time in refining your craft, building your portfolio, and understanding what makes your work distinctly YOU. Your main job at this stage is to understand yourself as an artist so you can advocate for your work in critique settings and refine your project to the point it matches the distinct vision in your mind.

Our next post will dig into the 2nd step because this is where most introverts freak out.  You can connect with people authentically and efficiently. I promise.

p.s. follow @theCEcoaches on Instagram to study how introvert marketing can look.  

*Uninitiated creatives are: new to their creative industry, building their portfolio, learning their craft, unpaid, & attempting to connect with other creatives.

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