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A New Experiment—Introvert Marketing

In May we’re beginning a new experiment over on Instagram. It’s such a serious face experiment I hired a virtual assistant to help with the logistics and keep me accountable for the initial 90 days.

The experiment is around, how can introverts market their work without having to be one of those over-sharing, talking to the camera influencer types of people? Because here’s the thing, I’m an introvert, my business partners are introverts, and 90% of my clients are introverts. So, how do we advocate for our work publicly, while still remaining authentic to our introvert roots? How do we transition from the recluse creative to the visible spokesperson for our art?

To watch the experiment in real time, follow @theCEcoaches over on Instagram.

I have no idea what happens next, but I’ve got a good feeling about this one.


p.s. Oh, did you notice that new Instagram handle? Our company has some other big changes coming up over the next few months and that new handle was the very first baby step…  

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