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How TCA Can Help You

Curious about working with TCA? Here are all the ways we would love to help you.


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Virtual Co-working 

We run virtual co-working sessions via Zoom three times a week—think of them as scheduled dates with your creative work.

We chat for the first 15 minutes, work for 45. Chat for 15 and work again. It provides an opportunity to get some quality worktime in and lets you connect with other creatives.

Co-working sessions run:

  • Mondays 10 a.m. – noon CST
  • Wednesdays 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. CST
  • Fridays 10 a.m. – noon CST

(Convert sessions to your time zone here.)

To try one co-working session to see if it’s right for you, contact us and we’ll get you the logon info. Our coaches love getting to know about you and your creative projects as we work alongside you!

(Psst, here’s a secret. On occasion we offer partial scholarship opportunities for our group coaching programs, and only coworking participants are eligible for the scholarship. When we see hard work and commitment, we love to reward it.) 

$5 per month via Patreon

On-Demand Learning

We offer self-paced online courses available at your convenience. Classes cover mindset issues, technical and business education, and craft tools. Choose the subject matter and experience level relevant to your needs.

$22 per class

Live Workshops

We present our On-demand classes (as well as practical advice Sounding Board Q&A sessions) at conferences and for small groups. We announce all public workshops in the Upcoming Events section of our newsletter.

$TBD (Prices for conferences and public workshops are set by the booking organization.)

Productivity & Mindset Group Coaching

Boost your productivity, creativity, and happiness while improving your relationships, and we want to gift you a FREE one-on-one coaching to get you started!

Slay Your Dream Assassins classes launch monthly.

In eight weeks, you will:

  • Build long-lasting habits to create permanent change.
  • Expand your support system.
  • Identify the mindset dream assassins that keep from taking inspired action.
  • Move from feelings of overwhelm to a sense of balance and calm.
  • Strengthen your innate abilities to slay your dream assassins.
  • And more!

Take the first step to greater productivity, creativity, and happiness today by booking a FREE breakthrough session with Jessica.

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, or have a sense of discomfort, NOW is the ideal time to take SYDA with Jessica!”

~ Shelly W.


Group Author Coaching

Do you want to level up your writing career? Are you looking for a support system of like-minded writers working to better their craft as they advance in their writing journey? Could you benefit from direct mentorship from writers with a history of success in both writing and business? Would you like a mental health tool delivered to you daily to help focus you on your goals and mental health? TCA’s group author coaching is ready to support you!

Our group coaching classes help you create a long-term support system for your writing career as we provide you personalized coaching and education.

Designed for Uninitiated Writers with a finished or work-in-progress manuscript intending to publish. Group coaching includes instruction on mindset clarity, industry education, and building out your critique partner/beta reader network. 

  • Sixteen weekly Zoom sessions with coaches Jessica Conoley & Natasha Hanova
    • 3 mindset weeks
    • 3 business weeks
    • 3 flex classes tailored to your class specifically
    • 3 beta read weeks – Participants & coaches beta read for classmates. Full manuscripts preferred, but not required.
    • 4 critique weeks – Participants & coaches provide editorial feedback. Submit 3-5 pages for edits in each critique session.
  • Access to our full On-Demand Course Catalog
  • Access to all Co-working sessions
  • Upon graduation, access to six-week Positive Intelligence mental fitness course

Classes are capped at ten writers.

Sessions begin the first full week of January and August each year. Weekly Zoom sessions are held Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. CST. (Convert sessions to your time zone here.)

Prior to acceptance to the program, our coaches do a one-on-one coaching discovery session with every applicant. Attend a co-working session and/or book a discovery call to meet our coaches and learn more.

$PROMOTIONAL PRICING upon completion of discovery call.

One-on-one Coaching

Experienced TCA coaches provide you with individual coaching to help you level-up your creative career. Weekly sessions, focused on your vision for your creative career, provide:

  • Accountability
  • Brainstorming opportunities
  • Craft knowledge
  • Mentorship
  • Mindset transformation tools
  • On-Demand class access specific to your current career needs
  • Resource recommendations
  • Add on weekly craft/editorial reviews

Jessica Conoley provides business, creative life, and writing craft coaching.

Natasha Hanova provides creative life and writing craft coaching.

Writers wanting editorial feedback in addition to coaching must provide a five-page writing sample prior to your discovery call.

Book a Discovery Call with your preferred coach to experience a FREE forty-five minute coaching session and discuss your goals.

  • New clients start with a 6-week trial package.
  • Renewal packages range from 3 – 6 months.

$Varies | Rates are contingent upon client goals and weekly editorial feedback needs. Quotes provided upon discovery call completion.

Agent Author Coaching

We provide pragmatic step-by-step advice and opportunity to role play interviewing your prospective agent. Leave coaching with the confidence and tools to determine if this agent offer is the best fit for you.

  • Forty-five minute Zoom coaching prior to your agent call. We will clarify your needs and wants from an agent, cover how to solicit counteroffers, and compile a detailed list of questions for the call.
  • A list of 50+ interview questions to help you brainstorm and prep for your call.
  • Add-On Service: follow-up coaching through agent deliberation period, including discussion of agent contract concerns.
  • Add-On Service: follow up coaching in the case of multiple offers allowing you to weigh the pros & cons of each agent & their agency’s contract.

$45 + Add-On Service Price

Fun Fact. TCA takes July off every year. If you’re reading this in July, we’re excited to connect with you in August!

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