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Meet the editor: Natasha Hanova

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I never thought of myself as a coach. The first time a friend suggested that I’d make a goodcoach, I brushed them off. Told them that’s outside of my area…

We are now The CE Coaches!

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I love a good plot twist, and my company has thrown me a big one this year. It’s time for a new name and some major tweaks at the foundation…

Pay Yourself to Create

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If you want to be the person who supports yourself with your creative career, then it’s time to take a good look at money and how you are going to…

Business Boost – January Reminders

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3 reminders for January. This month is the perfect time to set your creative business up for success. 1) Renew your company’s annual filing with your state. If you’ve already…

3 Steps Out of Overwhelm

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Paralysis due to overwhelm is one of the biggest emotional hurdles creatives encounter; but don’t worry you’re just three steps from inspired action and getting your project back on track.…