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Our blog content covers craft, mindset, business, and more. Catch up on past posts with this quick reference roundup!


First 5 Steps After You Get Paid for Your CreationMoney management and setup steps.

How TCA Can Help You – A list of all of our services and current pricing.

The Places Your Creative Work Will Go Without You: Creative Stewardship in Action – The final step of marketing is creative stewardship; an example of how it works.

The Social Media Experiment: Part 1 – A behind the scenes of TCA’s exploration process and class development they look for energetically sustainable ways to market.

Your Final Responsibility to Your Work: Creative Stewardship – The final marketing step and how it impacts you and your audience.


Drawing Readers Into Your WorldWorld building tips for writers.

Imari’s Take: Beta Readers – Insight into what a beta reader does for you and your manuscript.

Your Analyzer Switch and How to Use It – A 5-second visualization exercise to boost your productivity.

Creative Life & Well-being

Building Your Creative Support Triangle – A good support system is key to long-term success; the necessary elements of your support system.

The Creativity Support Triangle At Work – An example of how your creativity support triangle helps you level up.

The Most Significant Choice of Your Creative Career – How mindset impacts your career.

What Your Writing Is Training You For – How being brave in your creative work impacts your mindset and changes your life beyond the creative realm.


The Clackity – Group Author Coaching graduate Lora Senf’s middle-grade horror novel.

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