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We are now The CE Coaches!

I love a good plot twist, and my company has thrown me a big one this year.

It’s time for a new name and some major tweaks at the foundation of our work.

The original vision for The Creative’s Apprentice was to: teach creatives how to business & pair Experienced creatives with Uninitiated creatives in apprenticeship partnerships. Three years of coaching has taught us a ton. Most importantly, that the mental health component and learning to be happy as you build your creative career is of paramount importance.

Additionally, our pilot workshops have shown that the energy that sparks us to create is also helping us expand exponentially in our creative careers—and life.

I sat down with Imari and Natasha to really look at our skill sets and how we could best help people. Natasha’s writing craft strengths combined with her editorial experience make her an excellent writing craft coach. Imari’s social work background and experience as a writer make her a fantastic creative life coach. My strengths are in helping people tap into their innate energetic creative guidance and de-scarying the business side of things—and I no longer wanted to focus on craft coaching.

With all that in mind I realized we had evolved into a holistic creative careers coaching company and the apprenticeship aspect was no longer relevant. Hence the need for a new name and a new tagline.

My experience following intuitive guidance is what led us to our new name. My manuscript, The Color Eater is what subconsciously prepared me to step into my energetic and intuitive skills, as well as write the non-fiction book proposal I just submitted. When I journaled about the MS I would shorten the title to CE. My agent suggested the working title of Creative Energy for the NF book, and as I ruminated about it in my journal, I automatically abbreviated it to CE. I couldn’t shake that the CE fiction book had helped me grow into the CE non-fiction book which had helped me grow the type of coaching we were now doing—with creative energy at the heart of everything. CE variation #3 felt like it was on its way.

When we started investigating new names for the company, I wanted coaches in the title to make it clear what we did. (One of the problems with TCA was people didn’t understand what we did based on the company name.) I also didn’t want to say energy coaching because that has connotations that extend beyond creative careers and craft. We were limited by available Instagram handles and website URLs. Turns out The CE Coaches was available—and CE3 was confirmed.

Over the next few months, you’ll see a few aesthetic changes and The CE Coaches will begin replacing The Creative’s Apprentice. It’s fun to evolve, and I’m so curious about what this change will bring us next.


The CE Coaches. We help you harness creative energy into a paid career—and beyond!

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